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Message from Patron

It gives me immense happiness to bring forth the much awaited website of the Alumni Group of our much revered Alma Mater. This innovative website is a result of laborious, yet energetic work undertaken by the members of the Alumni Working Committee, and I also take this opportunity to express our collective gratitude to this team for this much needed endeavor.

I truly hope that this website shall emerge as the best via media to bring all our dear alumni friends on the same page and enable us to garner our collective energies for upholding the vision, mission and mandate of our beloved alma mater.

Best wishes
Prof. Neera Agnimitra
Head, Department of Social Work
University of Delhi

Initiatives by the Department

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan-Community Development Cell

  • The Department is spearheading the work of the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Initiative for the University of Delhi.
  • The work in the five villages adopted under the Community Development Cell programme moved to its third year with a new team of ten students being placed there for concurrent field work.
  • Villages having low socio-economic indicators namely Badarpur Khadar, Chauhan Patti, Jagatpur, Mukundpur and Jharoda were chosen for community development initiatives.
  • A team of eleven students and four faculty members have been taking up need based, planned and sustainable community initiatives in five communities in Delhi.
  • The students placed in these villages facilitate identification of the problems in the respective villages; chalk out intervention plans; and then engage in participatory community initiatives to address the same.

Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being

  • Centre for Child and Adolescent Wellbeing (CCAW), earlier known as the Child Guidance Centre works towards providing diagnostic, treatment and referral services to children, adolescents and their family members.
  • It also caters to the neighboring schools and community, focusing on preventive and promotive wellbeing programs for the children.
  • The Centre trains students from social work profession both from Bachelors and Masters courses.
  • These students are engaged in neighboring schools to conduct weekly sessions on life skills, family life education and ethical values with children and adolescents.
  • The major activities undertaken at the centre during the year are Social Assessment, Psychological assessment, operating a Mobile Library and Training of Students. The Centre offers services at the community also to promote the well being of children and adolescents.


Usha Narayanan, (1923 – 2008)

Usha Narayanan, was born in Yamethin, Burma. She completed her Master is Social Work with a specialty in juvenile delinquency. She was married to K. R. Narayanan, the tenth President of India and was the First Lady of India between 1997- 2002. Usha Narayanan worked on several social welfare programs for women and children in India. She played a key role in women’s social welfare activities initiated by the presidency.


Prof. Manoj Jha

Prof Manoj Jha completed his Masters from Department of Social Work from Delhi University in 1992 and a PhD in 2000. He has been a Professor at The Department of Social Work, University of Delhi.  He is an Indian politician who is a member of Rajya Sabha in Indian Parliament and also the spokesperson of the Rashtriya Janata Dal.


Feisal Alkazi

Feisal Alkazi is an educationist, theatre director and activist. After his Masters in Social Work, he headed Ankur, a society for alternatives in education and taught at the Jamia Mass Communication Research Centre. His group, Ruchika, has directed over 200 plays in Hindi, English, and Urdu. He has written over 20 books, including Rang Biranga Rangmanch 

Our Mission

To work together with the Department and other related institutions / organizations to provide opportunities for professional development of students in all branches of Social Work.

To provide suitable inputs to the Department about the changing landscape, to help them bring about need based modifications in the curriculum, field work and other related matters.

To facilitate effective liaison with agencies that employ Social Work professionals for providing field training and employment to the graduates.